My Favorite Podcasts

I am a huge fan of listening to podcasts, I think it’s such an effective and efficient way to get entertainment while learning new information on topics I am interested in. I listen to podcasts mostly while to doing menial tasks like folding laundry unloading dishwasher etc. Before I know it, the tasks are done and the time has passed quickly! Below is a list of podcasts I listen to weekly and some that have been suggested to me! Would love to hear more about your favorite podcasts so send them my way in the comments!

Key ** = listened too and love * = Has been recommended yet to listen

Health / Wellness

  • The Doctors Farmacy **
  • Broken Brain**
  • Goop **
  • The Doctor’s Kitchen*

Insightful & Thought Provoking

Pop Culture / Comedy

  • Oprah Super Soul**
  • Almost 30*
  • Second Life**
  • The Skinny Confidential **
  • Expanded**


  • Juicy Scoop**
  • Cover To Cover ( Funny.. but boyish humor)**
  • The Bitch Bible **
  • Absolutely Not**

True Crime

  • Crime Junkies**
  • My Favorite Murder*
  • The Thing About Pam*
  • The Teachers Pet**
  • Cold **