COVID-19 Economic Impact

There is so much information going around and so many shop small posts circulating in the media. I just wanted to clear some of the confusion for you and explain to you what COVID 19 means to small businesses across the country and how you can be a part of the solution versus problem.

COVID 19 is creating an ethical dilemma for me and many others, I feel as though social distancing is what we need to allow the medical care system to keep up with the demand of fighting the virus. With that being said, our store wouldn’t last more than a few weeks if we were to shut our doors to practice safe and proper social distancing. I’m choosing to be pro-active instead of reactive because there is something, we can all do to help small business survive, across the country, not just mine. Please read the slides below for a better understanding of the positive impact you can have both financially and medically by practicing social distancing and still supporting small businesses and communities nationwide.

Please forward this post to anyone who you feel would take action and remember to tag 5 friends on social media and challenge them to spend money in their local community, wherever that may be!

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

Small businesses don’t have the cash reserves that a large corporation would simply due to economies of scale. Apple, Nike, Patagonia and other large corporations can shut their doors for two weeks without fear of going out of business or into massive debt. This is not a luxury that small businesses have.

These are the facts, but don’t let them scare you because you have the power to help!

Make social distancing easy for your small business by reaching out to them and purchasing gift cards, for you to use at a later time. Call small business if they are not online and ask how you can best support them at this time.

This is an extremely affordable way for everyone to support a small business. However, the power is in the amount of people who choose to participate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, if you love small businesses, action has to be taken and not assume that someone else will do it for you. The power lies in numbers and taking action today, not assuming tomorrow will be better. So many beautiful communities across the nation rely on small businesses. Please act on this challenge, please share with your friends and family to help small business across the country.